We exist to empower women to rewrite their stories, break through limits and become the strongest, most confident versions of themselves. Our mission is to guide females on this journey, helping them to discover their inner strength, so that they can proudly own their bodies, their choices and their lives.

What You'll Receive....

✓ 24/7 support and 1:1 coach contact so you never feel alone on your journey

✓ Programs designed for your goals, whether you are looking to lose weight, gain muscle or achieve a full body transformation

✓ Home or gym tailored training programs with video demonstrations so you’re never unsure of what to do

✓ Hassle free meal plans tailored to your preferences and access to the EAC recipe library of over 300+ tasty & nutritious recipes

✓ Ability to track your recommended macros, steps, sleep and water intake 

✓ Access to our private community and internal challenges where you can connect to women from around the world for motivation and support

✓ Weekly 1:1 progress check ins with video feedback response, giving you 1 on 1 personalised guidance 

✓ Education hub and on demand mini courses so you can keep your results for life by learning learn the “why” and not just the “how” 


Everyday women, next level results.

Welcome to EAC!



My journey is a little different to the ‘lose weight, get fit’ transformation story.

I was never overweight but I took my love for the gym to the opposite extreme. I started competing in bodybuilding as an amateur IFBB bikini athlete. I became obsessed with being lean on stage at the expense of being strong and healthy.

When I left bodybuilding, my focus shifted to being lean, strong AND healthy. My transformation isn’t about giving up wanting to look good, it’s about going from skinny, unhappy and unhealthy to being strong, confident and full of life.

Now my mission is to help other women unlock their potential and live their most fulfilling lives. Together, we’ll develop a plan that works for you so that you can become stronger inside and outside too.


You will have multiple touch points during the week with Emily, a weekly 1:1 check in where your progress on the whole is reviewed, and you can message Emily directly in the EAC App at any time for help or support. Responses are typically made within a few hours and no later than 24 hours.

We accept all major debit and credit cards via the Stripe payment system.

Due to the nature of each program being personalised for each individual, an enquiry call with Emily is needed first to establish the appropriate program and package needed for your specific goals and needs.

Your personal meal plan will be designed based on the preferences you select during the onboarding process. During your weekly 1:1 check ins with Emily, you can request to make changes or you can choose your own meals ad hoc based on the calorie and macro targets you will be provided with. You also have the option to use the EAC recipe library as you wish to ad variety during the week.

Due to the premium and bespoke nature of the program, the personal support and resources provided we do not offer discounts however we do have a referral scheme which you can learn more about on your enquiry call.

Once you’ve had an enquiry call with Emily, you will then be invited to submit payment and sign up. On completion you will be given an onboarding questionnaire with provides all of the additional information which Emily needs about you in order to build your plans. Once this questionnaire is complete you will be set up in the EAC App with your plans within 3-4 working days. Everything you need will be in one handy app and you will also be invited to the EAC client community where you can connect with others and access free resources and education. 

Yes this program is a monthly rolling subscription. 

Yes the program is fully online so you can access your plans, education and support any time, anywhere. 

Yes you program will be designed based on the equipment you have access to. If you are training from home it is advised that you have a some free weights and resistance bands at home to work with.

Yes, as part of the onboarding process you will be asked about any allergies, intolerances and dietary preferences. Your personal meal plan will then be based off of this and you will also have access to the full calories and macros and EAC recipe library of over 300+ recipes.

Absolutely! Every plan is tailored to each individual so your experience, goals and abilities will be taken into account and programmed for. Our education hub is also built with beginners in mind – taking you through everything you need to know to get the most out of your program and Emily is always on hand to help you.

Every week you will be prompted to check in via the EAC App where you can upload progress photos, metrics and answer questions about how the week has been. Emily will then review this information alongside your goals and personal journey planner which breaks down how we will get there. You will then receive a recorded video response from Emily within 24 hours detailing any changes to your plans and the feedback you need to keep progressing.  

Yes, during the onboarding process you will be asked about your current training routine and any injuries or exercises which you cannot perform.

It is not possible to split up Emily’s 1:1 coaching service. This is because this is a premium all round package focused on delivering results. We know that the best results require the right combination of training, nutrition, support and education therefore, Emily cannot work with you on a personal 1:1 level without having access to all relevant variables.

Yes of course, we will never share any progress photos or anything else which personally identifies you without your prior consent. 





I honestly feel a lot younger! I feel so confident now


lt has been a great experience working with Em


I’m really glad I took that leap of faith


You can find more on our Instagram @emilyanncoaching


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